Infographic: How Much Can You Save By Packing a Lunch?

How much do you spend on your morning cup of joe? $3.00? $5.00? Would it surprise you to learn that the average cup of coffee costs a consumer close to $4 bucks per day, which adds up to around $1,000 bucks per year? I personally try to limit my coffee intake to 1 or 2 cups per week because excessive intake can cause everything from irregular heartbeat to insomnia. Nevertheless, many of us depend on coffee to get through the day, so this coffee habit can become quite expensive.

With the crunch of the economy squeezing American consumers tighter each year, we are all looking for a way to save a few dollars here and there. This Infographic does a really good job of breaking down what we spend on dining out, and what we can save by packing a lunch.

Since this blog focuses on Natural Beauty Care & Routines, let's take a look at potential savings for the average woman.
  • Women dish out around $5.00 per day on Lunch when they choose to dine out. I found this number to be rather low, especially if you're looking for some quality nourishment. I don't know where to find a healthy protein and vegetable lunch for $5.00. So this leads this tells me one of two things-
    1. These women are eating fast food; OR
    2. These women are eating junk food (i.e. Doughnuts, Honeybuns, etc.)
  • Instead of dining out, the Infographic suggest a simple brown bag lunch consisting of a sandwich and fruit. For example, if you pack a Turkey Sandwich and Banana, you can eat for as little as $0.80 per day. I think that a sandwich for Lunch is not a bad idea, as long as you use Whole Wheat Bread, Lite Mayo, 2% cheese, etc.
  • Ultimately, if a woman can cut back on dining out to only 2 days per week, she can save up to $13.50 per week/$54.00 per month/$648.00 per year. (I can think of many things to do with that extra $648.00!)
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Brown Bagging Infographic

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