The Dangers of Deodorant & Natural Alternatives

In the world we live in today, a chemical world of synthetic products and solutions, how do we decide what is and isn't safe to use on our bodies? Most beauty products today are chock full of chemical additives and ingredients of questionable nature, many of them believed to be cancerous, hormone disrupting or otherwise generally harmful to the normal functioning of your body. But despite knowing and accepting this, many do not have the knowledge or time to research healthier organic beauty alternatives. The truth is many of these all-natural organic beauty alternatives are much easier to find or put together then many might believe.

As much a part of the average morning routine as showering or brushing your teeth, deodorant sticks can be found in almost all American homes. But do you know whats in it? Deodorant sticks use harmful Aluminum compounds that are believed to be cancerous, as well a Propylene Glycol, the primary ingredient in anti-freeze. The good news though is that there are many easy to find organic beauty alternatives to turn to.

The cheapest organic beauty alternative to chemical filled deodorants can probably be found already in your home. Baking soda is a highly effective alternative to traditional deodorants. Combine it with a bit of water and apply to area, this can be mixed with corn starch for protection against wetness. Lemon juice can also be quite effective in killing any unwanted odor.

As well as many home solutions there are plenty of commercial deodorants designed for the organic beauty market. These deodorants use mineral salts, astringents and various natural clays and powders to achieve the same effect as their traditional counterparts. Multiple options can usually be found, however these organic beauty products tend to be little on the pricey side.

In today's world it might seem hard and impractical to seek out organic beauty alternatives, but this couldn't be further from the truth. With so many options of organic beauty solutions, many of which can be made at home, you should never have to choose between your health and convenience ever again.

For more information about the studies linking Traditional Deodorants and Breast Cancer, please visit:


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