Video: Natural & Organic Skincare Regimen

In this video, Jenn Stazz from Youtube Channel BellaPepper53,shares a very detailed account of her organic & natural skin care regimen. She discusses both her day and night beauty routines and highlights the products that she uses. This is one of the most detailed breakdowns of a beauty regimen that I have come across, and she takes the time to outline every step that she takes in her routine.

All of the products that she mentions in the video are natural or organic. Here are a few of the products that sparked my interest:
  •  Adara Coconut Virgin Oil (Naturopatica-$12)- Use for for eye makeup removal
  • The Cleanser (Indie Lee-$25)- Gentle facial cleanser that can be used both night and day
  • 100% Organic Moroccan Rose Water Toning Mist (Amal Oils-$21.50)-  Toning serum to be used after cleansing both night and day
Here's a nice picture of all the products that she discussed in the video. Click the pic to visit her website and get more details on the products!

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