3 Foods For Healthy Skin

Keeping our skin looking youthful and damage-free can be a hassle, with many women looking to a cupboard full of treatments and creams to deal with a multitude of problems. However, restoring our skin back to its former glory can be simple with some natural beauty care in the form of dietary changes.

There are many foods that work for many reasons but here are three of the best to get you started!

One of the best foods that can be recommended is fish - the oilier the better. Whether eaten as a healthy fillet of salmon or a some sardines in your lunch, fish have many benefits on the skin. The high levels of Vitamin B help improve circulation, which can lead to a healthier glow and less irritation, and the presence of Omega 3 helps with the replenishment of fats, plumping up the skin and potentially reducing wrinkles.

Vitamin E is a supplement many of us already take to improve skin in many creams because of its properties as a moisturizer and effect on damaged skin. This Vitamin is widely available in foods making these costly lotions less appealing. One great source is almonds or anything containing almond extract.

Finally, why not try adding some more berries into you diet, this is simply done by adding them to your cereal, substituting them for a dessert or drinking more juice. Berries contain Vitamin C which aid collagen production and the maintenance of capillaries, but even better yet are blueberries because they contain antioxidants to help remove unwanted free radicals.

By making these three additions to your diet - fish, almonds, and berries - you can experience a cost-effective form of natural beauty care that will have you on the road to achieving healthy, glowing skin!

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