Best Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin and Excessive Sweating

I've been on my journey to a greener beauty routine for a while now, and there is one traditional beauty product that I decided I need to replace as soon as possible: Deodorant. Let me start by making one thing clear- I sweat A LOT! Because of my heavy perspiration, I've always been hesitant to try a natural deodorant simply because I thought I needed the "strongest" antiperspirant on the market. Antiperspirants reduce sweat by blocking the sweat ducts temporarily.

The armpits are one of the most sensitive areas on the body, and women, the armpit provided a directly pipeline to the breast and the tissue and muscles surrounding the breast. Traditional antiperspirants contain a number of toxins that can be easily absorbed into the skin, including Aluminum and Parabens.

Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives in deodorants. Aluminum is used as the sweat blocking agent in antiperspirants.  Parabens and Aluminum compounds can mimic estrogen in the body, and since estrogen has been known to promote the growth of cancerous breast tissue, there is definite cause for concern. If there is even a slight chance that I am contributing to my risk of getting breast cancer, then I am cutting traditional deodorants out of my beauty routine!

Finding a Natural Deodorant that works well has not been an easy task. I need a deodorant that will be gentle on my sensitive skin, and that is strong enough to handle the heavy sweating I produce throughout the day. I have tried three Natural Deodorants and I think I found the best Natural Deodorant for both sensitive skin and excessive sweating:

1. Crystal Stick Body Deodorant

Where I Found It:
This was the first natural deodorant I tried because it seems to be carried by most of the big box stores. I saw it on the shelves at WalMart and figured I would give it a try.
Why It Works:
The Crystal Body Deodorant is comprised of 100% natural mineral salt crystals. The "stick" is actually a solid mass of salt crystal . When you roll on the deodorant, the salt crystals work to kill the bacteria in the armpit that causes odor, and inhibits the growth of more bacteria.
How to Use It:
The directions state that you are supposed to moisten the crystal stick and then apply it to a clean, dry armpit. Unfortunately, after I applied it, I remained sticky, and moist under the arm for what seemed like hours. It was as if the deodorant would not set. I tried the crystal deodorant for about a week, but I couldn't get past the damp residue that the application leaves behind.
The Verdict:
The product did work well for masking odor, but overall I need a natural deodorant that will leave me odor-free as well as DRY. This deodorant left a lot to be desired in the dryness department.

So, my search continued...

2. Homemade Baking Soda Deodorant

 Where I Found It: 
Since I failed in my first attempt at finding a natural deodorant, I decided to try to make my own. I did a little research and came across quite a few recipes for a natural deodorant that I could make using some products that I already have around the house. I decided on the following recipe:
3/4 cup melted Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon Baking Soda
1 tablespoon Cornstarch
Why It Works: 
The coconut oil naturally has antibacterial qualities, so it makes a good base for the homemade deodorant paste. I added in the baking soda and the cornstarch because they act as a natural antiperspirant and would help keep me dry.
How to Use It:
I mixed the ingredients well and let it sit for an hour or so until it set into a paste.
Using my fingertips, I dabbed a little of the paste under my arms and spread it around. The paste goes on a little damp as well, but it dried in 5 minutes or so.
The Verdict:
For the first few days, I thought I had found my solution! It worked wonders with controlling odor, and I felt dry and fresh all day. However, on Day 4, I started noticing two things- 1) My armpits were starting to darken, and 2)My under arms were starting to itch and burn. I have read that others experienced similar reactions to a baking soda deodorant, so this was not uncommon. I tried to suffer through the entire week, but my pits just couldn't take it.

And so again, my search continued...

3.  PHresh Natural Deodorant
Where I Found It:
After the first two failures at finding the right natural deodorant, I was more motivated than ever to find one that worked! I stopped by Goodness Grocery, a local whole foods market in my neighborhood, and headed straight for the natural beauty section. There were a TON of natural deodorants to choose from of various brands, consistencies, and sizes. I had no idea which product to try, but luckily, there was an attendant on staff that came over and asked if I needed any help. I told her about my search for a natural deodorant, and she said that she has tried a lots of these deodorants over the years, but there was one that would recommend for a newbie: PHresh Natural Deodorant. (I bought the Phree Unscented option because I'm not big on fragrances.)

 Why It Works:   
The first ingredient is Organic Aloe Vera, which is very soothing to the skin, especially an are as sensitive as your underarm. The natural deodorant also contains Cornstarch to help keep you dry. These ingredients are paired with other antimicrobial agents, and skin moisturizers and conditioners.  It is All Natural, Vegan, and Cruelty Free. It is also Propylene Glycol Free, Gluten Free, Petroleum Free, and Aluminum Free.
How to Use It:
You use PHresh Deodorant just like any other regular stick deodorant.  Make sure your underarm is clean and dry, and just roll it on. It goes on a little sticky, and needs 2 or 3 minutes to set. Also, it dries pretty clear on freshly shaved skin. Once it sets, it's set for the day, and I haven't experienced any staining on clothing.
The Verdict:
I was very impressed on Day 1 of trying this brand. The deodorant set fairly quickly and provided me with a clean, dry feeling all day long. I have been using it for a little over 2 weeks, and I haven't experienced any irritation at all. I have shaved my arms 3 or 4 times, and I don't have any burning or itching putting it on right after a shave. The deodorant holds for a strong 8 hours or so, and I don't have to re-apply during the day. Once I get home from a long day's work, I can feel a slight dampness, but my sweating is controlled throughout the day. Overall, this is my recommendation as the Best Natural Deodorant for sensitive skin and excessive sweating that I have tried. Granted, I've only tried 3 varieties, but I'm so pleased that I don't feel a need to look any further!

What is the Best Natural Deodorant that you have tried?
Have you tried one of the others I mentioned? What was your experience?
I would love your feedback!


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