What's in Your Beauty Products?

What's in Your Beauty Products? You may be surprised.

If you have not already made the change to organic beauty care products, this article will discuss some possible reasons to do so.  There are wide varieties of chemicals and additives in traditional beauty care products that are not good for your health or that of your family’s..

It is not uncommon for conventional hair shampoos to include chemicals that actually dry out the hair.  In fact, some of the harshest chemicals can lead to dandruff, dry scalp and other dry skin conditions.  Moreover, fragrances in shampoos can result in irritation of the scalp and areas of the face and skin that come in contact with the shampoo.  

Many of the chemicals used in synthetic skin care products actually result in dry, red skin.  You may suffer from rashes if you have sensitive skin and use products that are not organic.  Chemicals can do damage to the enzymes of your skin which would typically help to keep your skin hydrated and free of irritation.  Also, your skin’s natural lubricating abilities may suffer if you are using harsh products on your hair and skin.   

A common chemical found in regular skin care creams and lotions is Propylene Glycol, which causes many individuals to suffer skin allergies. Another allergic reaction can result from the use of Synthetic colors in conventional beauty products.  These man-made colors can be found in a variety of products for the skin and hair.  The coloring products can damage your hair and can make skin look aged or dried out.  

Another common ingredient found in conventional beauty products is Mineral Oil. Unfortunately, Mineral Oil can actually make pores larger and even clog those pores, which can result in acne and other skin conditions. This is yet another reason to search for natural beauty care options.  You want your skin to stay hydrated and vitalized with nutrients, not dry and stripped of these vital vitamins and minerals.  

These are just a few examples of the chemicals found in many hair and facial care products.  These products can result in severe skin reactions, damaged hair and a variety of other unwanted results.  Help to protect your skin and hair from this fate by making the change to organic beauty care. 

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