Organic Skin Care- Your True Beauty

By now, everyone has heard about or can attest to the advantages of eating organic foods. What many people are now discovering is that Organic Beauty Care is every bit as essential. Mull it over: organic foods are the healthier option because foods that are free of pesticides and toxic matters are the ones being digested into the body. A Skin Care product also enters your body, making organic skin care products just as critical as eating organic foods.

There are various popular cosmetic brands that use chemicals- like Parabens, Propylene Glycol , and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- which may have known associations with various cancers or causing bodily harm. Since skin is the largest organ of your body, it is constantly confronted with pollutants in the air, and the barrage of products that are placed into it. Skin has no barrier or filter to keep impure chemicals out - which can place more stress on your liver and kidneys to try to purify your body. Before you slather cosmetic products all over your skin, make sure you check the label for organic or natural ingredients.

Remember, Organic Skin Care does not require that you sacrifice looking beautiful. There are many well-established Green Beauty companies on the market, and new Green Cosmetics companies are sprouting up all the time.  You can find these Organic Cosmetic products at your local whole foods or farmers markets. If you don’t have these options in your area, you can always jump online to find the right Organic Skin Care products.

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