Infographic: A Look at Cosmetics and Chemicals

I came across this Infographic this morning, and I just had to share it. Created by, the graphic has a TON of great information about the non-existent regulation of the Cosmetics industry by the FDA, and the apparent dangers of Cosmetic products that we use daily, like deodorant and sunscreen. The most interesting thing that I noted was that other countries have taken the initiative to start banning harmful chemicals that the United States still allows.

In a study done by the Environmental Working Group in 2007, it was discovered that over 750 Cosmetic products available for retail in the United States violate the safety standards, whether industry or cosmetic, in other industrialized countries. These other countries include Japan, Canada, and nations in the European Union.

In the last few years, several groups have been gaining steam in the fight for safer Cosmetics, most notably and However, as long as the Cosmetics Industry in the United States is governed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Committee, instead of an unbiased regulatory agency, we will have to continue the fight for cleaner, greener Cosmetics.

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