3 Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter Hair Shampoos

Nowadays, we are all being more conscious of the ingredients that are in our daily skin care and hair care routines. Many are looking for organic or natural hair care products that contain non-toxic elements. If you're looking for some natural shampoo alternatives, here are a few homemade recipes for you to try:

 Aloe Vera Gel:
Known for it's remarkable ability to cleanse and strengthen, Aloe Vera gel makes a wonderful alternative to over the counter shampoo. This gel is great for cleaning out your pores and making your hair stronger and smoother than it's ever been! It is also a great solution for anyone who suffers from dandruff or even hair loss.

Who would have thought that mayonnaise could ever be used as an alternative to shampoo? Even though it may seem like a weird product for your hair, it's ingredients make it the perfect hair care solution. The vinegar, oil and eggs found in mayonnaise help to strip your hair from any build-up and give it a beautiful, healthy shine. The next time you take a shower, take a scoop of mayo, apply it to your hair and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it out.

Baking Soda:
Many people have been using this every day household item to help them keep their hair nourished, clean and healthy. Baking soda helps to get your hair back to it's natural, healthy state by removing all of the build up and residue left from other shampoos. You can simply put some baking soda in an old shampoo bottle, add a little water and use it as you would any other shampoo. You are bound to see results quickly and you will love not having to purchase and use those harsh chemical-filled products ever again!


  1. I like the Aloe Vera idea! I have loads of it around the house and have started using it a lot recently for things like nappy rash, burns and scrapes... Didn't know you could use it as shampoo, but may give it a try as I have been suffering from dandruff since giving up using traditional shampoo several weeks ago!

  2. If you really want to give it a go, try mixing it with a bit of Castile Soap. The Castile Soap is a great natural cleansing agent, but it can dry the hair out. That's where the Aloe Vera Gel will come in to help moisturize and smooth your hair.
    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I linked to this post on my blog: http://www.ecothriftyliving.com/2012/08/homegrown-shower-and-shaving-gel.html

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