6 Natural Beauty Remedies for Bright Skin and Shiny Hair

The Better Show (http://www.youtube.com/user/Better) had a great segment some time ago that featured 6 Natural Beauty Remedies for bright skin and shiny hair. Rachel Haze, Editorial Director of DailyMakeover.com, detailed the most beneficial beauty uses of several products, including:
  • Oatmeal- Good for Inflamed, Dry or Itchy Skin because of its soothing and anti-irritant properties; Use in the bath as a soak
  • Olive Oil & Safflower Oil- Good for Moisturizing Skin because of the antioxidants and vitamins; Use as body lotion or eye makeup remover
  • Sugar- Good for Moisturizing because of humectant properties, and Exfoliating Skin because of the granules; Use as a facial or body scrub
  • Lemons- Good for Dry, Flaky Scalp because of the citric properties; Use as a pre-shampoo treatment
  • Milk- Good for Dry, Cracked Feet because of the properties found in the lactic acid; Use in a foot bath as a soak
  • Baking Soda- Good for removing Product Build-up in Hair because of acidic properties; Use as a shampoo supplement
Check out the video for more details about each of the products, and for specifics on their use.


  1. I also knew that olive oil is one good remedy for bad splited hair. Anyway I enjoyed reading your advices and I might apply them in the future.

  2. These beauty tips are really very useful for me as well as others. I know milk is very good for dry skin. Because I have dry skin and usually I use milk to moisturising my skin. I will apply all these tips in future.